Industry 4.0 and digitization

Industry 4.0 digitization 

Industry 4.0 requires the alignment of technology, processes, and people.  Using Industry 4.0 maturity models, CSCI can conduct an I 4.0 readiness evaluation whether you are looking to start (what are the conditions necessary for a successful launch) or how to move to the next step in the evolution of digital supply chains.  CSCI utilizes tools such as Value Stream Mapping, Process Mapping, Network and IT Infrastructure mapping, and other tools to help us understand the current state and to develop the future state. Once the future state is defined CSCI can conduct a gap analysis and plan to remove the gaps to ensure success. 

How we do it

  • Process Analysis – experience with Value Stream Mapping and Process Mapping tools
  • Future State – experience conducting gap analysis when defining how to move from one phase to the next in Industry 4.0 Maturity.  
  • Lean and Six Sigma – experience with Lean and Six Sigma tools to streamline processes and eliminate waste in process prior to trying to automate or digitize. 

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