HoloLens integration for BIM pipeline

May 11, 2023
outside of an office building

Planit Measuring is an engineering firm based in Oakville that specializes in measuring and laser scanning buildings to generate architecture assets such as building information models (BIMs). They have developed a proprietary technology that processes building data while a technician walks through a building. Although this data is valuable, Planit Measuring realized the need for a better process to view and coordinate data and communicate with offsite staff. 

To address this challenge, Planit Measuring collaborated with the SMART Centre on a multi-phase project to enable direct visualization of data with offsite experts using Microsoft's HoloLens technology. The SMART Centre worked with Planit Measuring to select the preferred HoloLens device and integrate it into their proprietary software, as well as automate scanning to BIM pipeline. 

By using the HoloLens, the process of creating a room was significantly improved. Previously, creating a 2D model was necessary, but the HoloLens eliminated the need for this step by providing a 3D model that allowed technicians to add elements such as doors and windows directly into the scan. This capability improved the overall efficiency and accuracy of the process, resulting in more precise BIMs. 

Thanks to the collaboration between Planit Measuring and the SMART Centre, the HoloLens technology was successfully integrated into Planit Measuring's proprietary software, resulting in a streamlined process for creating BIMs. The HoloLens technology provides a direct visualization of data with offsite experts, improving communication and collaboration 

We acknowledge the support of the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC).

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