Packaging innovation

What we offer

Conestoga is a leader in packaging research due to its unique position of offering the only academic packaging technology program offered in Canada. Faculty and researchers have strong industry experience supported by state-of-the-art packaging testing equipment.

Conestoga packaging research can help to reduce risk for companies making changes to their packaging, supported by pre-shipment testing such as vibration and drop testing and analytical testing. Industrial packaging equipment in our 8,000 sq. ft. pilot plant supports applications testing for novel films, shelf-life extension or other novel packaging methods or processes. 

Food, consumer goods, and B2B package testing

Materials testing

  • Material characterization: polymer and corrugate properties  
  • Coatings and surface treatments: characterization and applications testing 

Packaging system testing

  • In-application packaging testing: measure barrier properties, strength, and more  
  • Pre-shipment testing. drop testing and transportation testing (vibration table testing of full pallet)  

Corrugate and boxboard prototyping services

  • Design of case-ready packaging  
  • Structural design of packaging for use
  • Optimize pallet patterns with specialized software  
  • Novel applications of corrugate and boxboard 

Package integrity and barrier testing

  • Leak detection testing and heat seal profile studies
  • Oxygen and water vapour transmission rate

Scale-up and technical support

  • Packaging equipment in 8000 square foot pilot plant
  • Trouble shooting and packaging solutions
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