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Packaging and shelf-life support for specialized cookies

Juli’s Cookie Co is a bakery company specializing in cookies for breastfeeding mothers. They sought CFRIL's support for packaging design and shelf-life extension to improve their current offerings and accommodate new products.

Shelf-life analysis of vegan and gluten-free baked goods

CFRIL completed a detailed analysis to help Molly’s Market ensure the quality and safety of their baked goods as they expanded into new refrigerated storage channels. 

Packaging and shelf-life enhancement

CFRIL partnered with Sweets from the Earth to review and improve packaging to enhance product shelf-life.

Reformulating gyro-flavoured meat jerky

CFRIL’s assistance included reformulating the original gyro jerky to reduce its water activity and incorporating preservatives to prevent yeast and mold growth.

Shelf-life extension of vegan cream cheese and dip products

CFRIL was enlisted to provide recommendations for extending the shelf-life of these products, specifically focusing on mold prevention. 

Scale-up testing of nanotechnology to enhance barrier properties of packaging materials

CFRIL supported Nfinite by focusing on scale-up testing for their nanotechnology packaging materials.

Developing a case-ready design for dry sachet products

CFRIL collaborated with Beck’s Broth to develop a case-ready design for their dry sachet product and to conduct a real-time shelf-life study. 

Packaging recommendations for enhanced product performance

Dough Parlour sought support for alternative packaging solutions to maintain product quality.

Shelf-life study for ready-to-eat cookie dough

CFRIL collaborated with The Cookie DOH! Factory to conduct a retail shelf-life study on their cookie dough, which was intended to be sold frozen and then slacked off.

Designing a compact 2-in-1 steamer and vacuuming prototype

BEAPCO partnered with Conestoga’s SMART Centre to develop a prototype of a 2-in-1 steamer to eliminate pests.
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