Packaging and shelf-life enhancement

June 04, 2024
An assortment of baked goods

Cynthia Riddle (PI), Conestoga Food Research & Innovation Lab

Sweets from the Earth, a leading manufacturer of vegan, vegetarian, allergen-aware, reduced-sugar bakery products in North America, sought support from CFRIL to review and improve their packaging to enhance product shelf-life. Their products, sold across major retail brands in North America, required a detailed analysis of how barrier properties affect shelf-life. Additionally, they requested assistance in applying enzymes to improve the shelf-life performance of items such as cookies and muffins. 

CFRIL's support involved reviewing the current packaging for its barrier properties by examining technical specifications and using analytical equipment. The focus was on specific products like Grab & Go Cookies, which currently have a shelf-life of two weeks with a target extension to one month or longer, and Superfood Bars, aiming to extend their shelf-life from about four months to ideally one year. Alternative packaging options were suggested, emphasizing improved barrier properties, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness. Additionally, a review of enzymes that could maintain the soft texture of soft-baked cookies was conducted, providing insights into enhancing shelf-life performance through enzyme application. 

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