Marcus Yung, PhD, CPE

Associate director, Research Development and Operations

Dr. Yung is the associate director, research development and operations at the Canadian Institute for Safety, Wellness & Performance (CISWP). He has expertise in human factors and ergonomics across multiple sectors, including construction and manufacturing in both Canada and the United States. Dr. Yung’s research focuses on the etiology of work-related musculoskeletal disorders, exposure assessment, and development of prevention strategies and interventions to mitigate injury risk. He has expertise in individual-level measurement using biomechanical and biophysical tools for both laboratory work simulations and field studies. Additionally, Dr. Yung has knowledge in physical exposure estimation using population-level data to construct job exposure matrices that can be used to better understand exposure-disease relationships. His work also includes developing and evaluating risk assessment tools, guidelines, and occupational health standards to prevent musculoskeletal injury risks and improve work performance.

Prior to joining CISWP, he completed his post-doctoral training at the Canadian Centre for Health & Safety in Agriculture (University of Saskatchewan) as a recipient of a Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship. He was also a post-doctoral research associate at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, Missouri, within the division of general medical sciences. Dr. Yung is a certified professional ergonomist.


Dr. Yung holds a PhD in kinesiology from University of Waterloo.


See Scholar Google and Research Gate for a full list of publications.


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