Change makers

Change makers

Leaders developing projects represent future change makers, who will eventually help make the world a better place. If you have an idea for social change but need a little applied research help getting off the ground the Conestoga College Social Innovation Lab is structured to assist in the launch of the project. When working with leaders developing projects, we believe in using a growth mindset approach. Effective project delivery involves building an environment that is conducive for success and a team that is supported through the process. 

Supports offered 

  • Background research: We can help you explore what is known about a topic in the academic literature to help inform decision making or build towards a larger project. 

  • Place Making: We can help build out an environment that will be supportive of creating lasting social change, either within a new organization or broader society. 

  • Organizational Development: We can help create structures and processes to ensure your project is put in the best position possible to succeed. 

  • Knowledge Transfer: We can help turn information from the journal articles and professional reports into an accessible format to share with a broader audience. 

Organizational development

The Conestoga Social Innovation Lab staff secured a $360,000 grant to work with Union: Sustainable Development Co-operative to assist in the launch of the organization. We provided research supports to help develop a legal and accounting structures, to identify potential members for recruitment, and to support the development of an asset lock to ensure the organization remains focused on its social purpose in perpetuity. Learn more about the project here

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