Conestoga Social Innovation Lab

Social Innovation Lab 

The Conestoga Social Innovation Lab (CSIL) fosters social innovation research that meets the needs of people locally, regionally, and internationally. Our community-based approach to research is undertaken on behalf of and in support of communities, organizations, and change-makers. These partnerships focus on placemaking and developing structures that lead to actions with a societal impact. 

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Who we partner with

We believe that: 

  • Social innovation is nurtured through fostering environments where teams are empowered to address complex challenges 
  • Organizational structure consists of both informal and formal rules that can collectively and simultaneously hinder and foster social innovation efforts..  
  • Action supported by community based applied research fosters social change. 
  • Impacting people’s lives is the fundamental purpose of social innovation.  

Our research: 

  • Examines and inspires places where progressive leadership is aroused to take action;  
  • Uncovers and designs structures of projects, teams, and networks that create effective social change; 
  • Assists organizations in taking actions to tackle societal problems; and 
  • Measures and stimulates impacts designed to work towards a socially just society.  

CSIL impact

An overhead of houses

Our appreciation of homeownership paths

The Our Appreciation of Homeownership Paths study explored perceived barriers Ontarians face to entering the housing market.
overhead shot of a neighbourhood

Credit Unions Affordable Housing Webinar series 

The CCUA Credit Unions and Affordable Housing Webinar series explored the challenges facing the Canadian housing market, the role credit unions are playing to meet the needs of our members, and what innovative financial products other organizations are creating to increase housing affordability.  
public expectations of school board trustees

Public expectations of school board trustees

Representative Governance, builds on his existing work on the role nonprofit board of directors have in representing the interest of their constituents.

Our team

Anthony Piscitelli

Anthony Piscitelli, PhD

Director, Conestoga Social Innovation Lab

Carlo Chan

Carlo Chan, PhD

Postdoctoral research associate

Nicole Hayes

Nicole Hayes, PhD

Research associate


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Cambridge, Ontario, N1S 2L9, Canada

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