IP education

Tailored IP education

C4C provides tailored IP education for the local community. The centre works to equip regional entrepreneurs, SMEs, and researchers with IP knowledge and education to support commercialization. 

IP basics

C4C can help you understand the basics of IP, including the various types and how they are tied to your services or goods. We can also help you understand the protection criteria of your IP and the criteria for the jurisdiction you are filling in.

IP and business

Clarify business terms and their implications on your IP and the ability to commercialize. 

Additional IP resources

Foundations of IP

These online modules on IP strategy were created and are hosted by the Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI). Access the modules here.

Intellectual property in Applied Research 

Provided by eCampus Ontario, this course provides foundational knowledge about IP considerations for applied research at a college. Access the course here.

Get started

If you are looking for more information about IP education resources from C4C, please contact us to get started.

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