Gig Marketplace

Launch your freelance business on the Conestoga Gig Marketplace

Freelancers who successfully complete the 15-week Gig Lab program are exclusively eligible to launch their business on the Conestoga Gig Marketplace.  

This unique platform acts as a store front and lead generator for paid freelance work in the broader community. It is an incredible launch pad for the new freelance businesses coming out of the Gig Lab.  

The Conestoga Entrepreneurship Collective has forged partnerships with organizations including the Accelerator Centre, Catalyst Commons, and the Chamber of Commerce to drive traffic to the site with more to come. To date, over $480,000 in projects have been secured by Gig Marketplace freelancers. 

Looking for local freelance talent? 

If you are looking for local freelancers on demand, go to and find the talent you need in our Gig Lab graduates.  

If your organization is interested in exploring partnership opportunities with the Conestoga Gig Marketplace, fill out the CEC Partner Interest Form.  

Gig Marketplace team

Chris Henry

Chris Henry

Gig Marketplace coordinator

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